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ART40548 - creative studio: Mobile application development

Week 11

Week 11

Swift 2.0

Carmen First

Closing out projects

Dive into Cordova

Week 11

Week 10

Watch Kit

Cloud Kit

Pass Kit

Watch Kit

Week 9 materials

Week 8

Mark's Violation

iTunes Connect

in-app purchasing


Cloud Kit (finally)

Something Handy


Animation Quartz Core

Asynch -iOS8

Week 7

Touch detection methods

Gesture Recognition

In App/Cloudkit

Week 6

Week 6

Week 5

Building and Distributing Custom B2B Apps for iOS

Native React

Cloud Kit

In App Purchasing

Week 4

2 weeks left until project is due!!!! That is a hard deadline as we have to move on

iBeacon Demo with Gimball




Week 4

Week 3

Changes with swift 1.2

Sqlite Review

Cloud Kit


week 3 materials

Week 2

Finish SQLite

week 2 materials

Week 1

Homework: Send me a list of exactly what you need to be market worthy. This WILL dictate your grade.


The first half of this quarter will be perfecting your ios apps, the second will be perfecting the android apps.

Some mobile portfolio sites

There are four types of storage available:

Key-Value storage - to share small amounts of data with your application on a user's other devices.

UIDocument storage - to store documents and other data in the user's iCloud account using a subclass of UIDocument.

CoreData - SQLite database storage.

Individual files and directories - for managing lots of different files directly in the file system.

Maximum key size - Key names cannot be longer than 64 bytes.

Maximum value size - You cannot store more than 64 kilobytes in a single value.

Maximum key-value store size for an app - Applications can only store up to 64 kilobytes of key-value data in total. Attempts to set keys beyond that limit will fail and the previous value will persist.

Data types - Only basic types like strings, numbers and booleans can be stored.

IOS Review/Summarize what we learned last quarter and how it relates to data driven apps

UI Document Class

Core Data

Sqlite versus Core Data


Topics that relate to unfinished projects:


week 1 materials