Programming for Mobile Technologies

Meeting 13

Morning Session

Our working Android app and how it can be approved

Zoo App


Course Review, what's important, what's not and what will change

Afternoon Session

Last Chance to Debug

Meeting 13 materials

Meeting 12

Morning Session

Close out Mapping

Location Finder

Location with Markers

Connect to Notes (only do camera if there is time)

DDMS - What is it?

Afternoon Session


Meeting 12 materials

Meeting 11

Morning Session

Review Map Stuff

Heavy on the Storage

The "m" notation comes from AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Code Style Guidelines for Contributors:

						Follow Field Naming Conventions

						Non-public, non-static field names start with m.
						Static field names start with s.
						Other fields start with a lower case letter.
						Public static final fields (constants) are ALL_CAPS_WITH_UNDERSCORES.

Set Up Google Play in any project

User Input/Form Stuff

Passing Data

On To Storage

Shared Data

						Intent shareIntent = new Intent();
shareIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_STREAM, uriToImage);
startActivity(Intent.createChooser(shareIntent, getResources().getText(R.string.send_to)));


Afternoon Session

First: Take this Tutorial

Second: Get this working: Contacts insertion

Third: Get this working: CRUD

Then be ready to answer these questions:

What are the differences?

Where is the sqlite file?

What does it look like in your dbBrowser app?

Meeting 11 materials

Meeting 10

Morning Session

Google Maps

Adding Google Play Services

Adding google play services to Genymotion: Here and

Get a Google Maps api key




Intents (Explicit vs Implicit)

Afternoon Session

Add a marker to our map triggered by a button

public void onMapReady(GoogleMap map) {
    map.addMarker(new MarkerOptions()
        .position(new LatLng(0, 0))

Complete this tutorial on layout constraints

Meeting 10 materials

Meeting 9

Morning Session

Android Setup/Genymotion/Virtual Box

Java Quicky

Java Examples

Create a Project

Two Screens with Intent

Camera Example

Afternoon Session

Familiarize yourself with the camera example

Add a button to the Camera Example

Add a new layout

Carry the user to the new layout on click of that button

Meeting 9 materials

Meeting 8

Morning Session

Multiple Predicates

Handy Code Snippet from Anneshine

let precise = 0.0001

let pred = NSPredicate(format: "(longitude > (%lf - %lf)) AND (longitude < (%lf + %lf)) AND (latitude > (%lf - %lf)) AND (latitude < (%lf + %lf))", longitude, precise, longitude, precise, latitude, precise, latitude, precise)

request.predicate = pred

TimeStamp your file names

Distribute your IPA

  • In the Product menu, select Archive.
  • Choose Export.
  • Select Save for Development Deployment, and then click Next.
  • Select a Development Team, then click Choose.
  • In Device Support, select Export one app for all compatible devices, then click Next.
  • Select your export location and click Export.

Link for iExplorer and how to use it

Look at more student work

Afternoon Session

Install Android Studio

Test Apps

Download Android Studio

Meeting 8 materials

Meeting 7

Morning Session

Saving an Image

Retrieving an image

Displaying Markers

Unwinding a segue

Afternoon Session

Populate Maps with Markers

Segue to ViewNotesController

Meeting 7 materials

Meeting 6

Morning Session

Review Session

MKAnnotation vs MKPoint Annotation

Programmatic Segues

Core Data Retrieval

Viewing Core Data For Testing: DB Browser

Please submit all work related to the App.

Afternoon Session

TBD based on progress

Meeting 6 materials

Meeting 5

Morning Session

Map Answers


Data Modelling

Core Data

Core Data With 1 to Many

Afternoon Session

Add a select all to my core data example

Integrate one to many insert based on latest map effort

Meeting 5 materials

Meeting 4

Morning Session

ViewDidAppear and the Alert Fix

The Time Fix

PhotoView Completed


Adding Pins

Afternoon Session

Create Storyboards in iOS off of your Prototype- Be Sure to Select Core Data

Map Activities:

  • 1. Control the zoom level
  • 2. Make the pin that automatically drops only drop when the screen is touched
  • 3. Determine the coordinates of the part of the map that was saved
  • 4. Pass the information of the pin in click to a second controller
Meeting 4 materials

Meeting 3

Morning Session

Slow Down

Asking for help/Screencast/Clear Descriptions

What this class is

More Advanced Swift


Examples with Objective C

Cocoa Pods

Master Detail View App


Afternoon Session

Prototype your app with

Chapters 5 Silver Challenge

Chapter 10 (Tentative We'll be doing table views tomorrow)

Meeting 3 materials

Meeting 2

Morning Session

Review of yesterday

A look at our calculators

Catching up today

Auto Layout (by request)

Deep Dive into optional binding

Cocoa Pods

An objective C example


Master Detail View

Afternoon Session

Chapter 1

Sketching App-Ideation phase

Meeting 2 materials

Meeting 1

Morning Session

Our Goals for the course

Xcode tour

Introduction to the tools

Swift and swift as it relates to IOS,Variables,Datatypes,Operators,Strings,Placeholders,Conditions,Loops,

Xcode/Creating a Basic Interaction

A look at some examples

Afternoon Session

Sketches and ideation of our app

Temperature Converter

Chapter 1 Quiz App

Meeting 1 materials