What's Due?

  • Final Project Due 12/8

Helpful links?

Web Publishing III

Meeting 6

Course files zipped

Google Analytics

Webmaster Tools


Google Analytics

Tonight's theme: Giving them a reason to come back.

CSS Violations

WebMaster Tools

Google Analytics

Sitemaps xml

Sitemap Generators

Form field Cache

Adding a twitter feed

What is REST?

Pulling Data in with JSON....what' s next?

Automated Testing

Project review and submission

Meeting 6 materials

Meeting 5

404 Pages

URL Rewrite

Manifest appcache

Meta Tags

Cool appcache info

Includes Lesson

Cache Code

In Action

How do I do it?

Great 404 pages

More pattern stuff

4 Best User Interface Design Pattern Libraries

Elements of Design

4 Best User Interface Design Pattern Libraries

Pattern Tap

4 Best User Interface Design Pattern Libraries


4 Best User Interface Design Pattern Libraries

UI Patterns

Change Blindness

On the web

Try it

SEO Meta Tags

Google Analytics

Live logins

Content rotation


Requirements for Tuesday

Early Evaluation

Last look at your projects

Meeting 5 materials

Meeting 4

Calls to action


Stripe Vs Paypal

Forms - the next step

How does jquery validate?

URL Rewriting

Tipue Search

Valid Jssor

Meeting 4 materials

Meeting 4 materials

Meeting 3


All homework mailed to kdsecor@gmail.com

Review last Thursday

Finish Form Validation

Responsive Design

Your Wireframes

Wireframing and protoyping tools

Jquery intro

What is pure css?

JQuery Slider

Meeting 3 materials

Meeting 2

Finish Form Validation


Reviewing the sites we did not see on Tuesday

A bit on eCommerce

Dreamweaver Trial


Two-column layouts

Three-column layouts

Read this

What is jQuery

Jquery Layout Plugins



Image Slider

Googe Maps

Meeting 2 materials

Meeting 1

Intro & Course Preview

Server Stuff

Student Work


Your Work From Web II

How accessible are your current sites?

What makes a great site list

How do we get there

The tools, why a server is important,editor,ftp,and chrome/firebug tools

What is LAMP

A look at what is out there and what can make us better


Opening the Lines of Communication

How UX enters the mix

The next step in your Javascript Game

Validation and the DOM

Meeting 1 Materials

Current Students